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    The Pros and Cons of Fasting in Women

    Just like every coin has two sides, Fasting also has its advantages and disadvantages which affect the health of women. The good and bad effects of fasting have thus created a controversy with regard to weight loss and health in women recently. Because some fast for religious beliefs whereas some do it to just for [...]
  • abuse relationship
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    Important Signs of An Abusive Relationship

    Not each relationship can be perfect or in harmony. It can also be the bad or abusive relationship. A relationship can turn sour or bad due to many reasons and it is very important to know the signs of things going wrong. Hence, there are some important signs which indicate an abusive relationship and are [...]
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    5 Myths and Facts About Self-help

    Self-help is the best help is an age-old saying. It is true that only one can help oneself better than others in this materialistic world. If one depends on the other, possibilities are such that the other person may just exploit the person in need for his other benefits and leave the person in need. [...]
  • dark circles

    Home Remedies to Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes

    Dark circles are an ugly sight and nobody likes them under the eyes. But they still occur due to lack of sleep or rest, stress or trauma, or due to being workaholic. Here are some remedies to reduce dark circles under the eyes like a pro! Sweet Almond Oil A few drops of almond oil [...]
  • Ways to tell if an individual is a workaholic

    How to tell if an individual is a workaholic

    Being workaholic in this busy and fast lifestyle is now being termed as normal Workaholic makes a person or an individual, oriented more towards work and less of rest. At social gatherings or meeting with friends, a workaholic individual tends to speak of work itself. There are some ways to tell if an individual is a [...]
  • Weight Loss Procedures Using Natural Herbs

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    Weight Loss Procedures Using Natural Herbs

    Herbs and spices are a part of our traditional garnish, which enhance the taste of food without adding any calories, sugar, sodium or any other junk. Some of these herbs and spices are actually proven to burn fat and boost metabolism to help you achieve weight loss goals. Turmeric for weight loss This yellow coloured […] More

  • What NOT To Do During Depression



    What Not To Do During Depression

    There are certain things that should be done and certain things that should be avoided during the depression. Depression occurs mainly due to overthinking and negative thoughts in the mind. It also leads to a low morale and a low self-esteem in certain individuals. Here are somethings enlisted which should be avoided during the depression: […] More

  • Reasons and How To Prevent Hair Loss

    Reasons and How To Stop Hair Loss

    One reason for male example hair loss is hereditary qualities, or having a family history of sparseness. Research has discovered that male example sparseness is related to male sex hormones called androgens. The androgens have many capacities, including controlling hair development. Every hair on your head has a development cycle. With male example sparseness, this development cycle starts […] More

  • What NOT To Do During The Pregnancy

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    What NOT To Do During The Pregnancy

    As pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, they are tender and delicate at the same time. Due to busy lifestyles and stress, we tend to forget to take care of most of the things for a to-be mother. Hence, one should know what things are to be avoided during pregnancy. Here are some pregnancy tips and don’ts […] More

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