5 different ways to keep your morale high while dealing with cancer

From losing hair from the head to losing facial hair affects the morale at an extreme pace.

Morale is one main factor which highly gets affected due to the diagnosis of the disease, getting cured and recovered of the same.

From losing hair from the head to losing facial hair affects the morale at an extreme pace.

Here are five different ways to keep your morale high and self -esteem high while dealing with this dangerous disease.

  1. Optimism

It is important to be optimistic and positive while surviving this dangerous and life taking disease. When the body gives up in the operation theatre, the optimism and positivity in the soul only help in giving strength to the body to survive this deadly disease.

In cases of detection at the last stage, optimism only has helped in surviving this deadly disease.


  1. Fears: Common let’s face it!

Just like soldiers on the battlefield face the enemies with utmost bravery and guts. Same shall be the spirit for fighting with and surviving this dangerous disease.

In the worst case scenario, an individual may need to face death. So be it.  Armed forces soldiers also face the same scenario at the line of control.


  1. Strong conscience

Having a moral compass or strong conscience is a must to keep the morale which enables to differentiate between wrong and right just as the compass shows north and south directions. Also to do a certain thing or not to do a certain thing just like the compass shows east and west directions.


  1. Religious belief

Spirituality and religious belief has proven to be one of the strongest reasons for survival by research. Prayers, energy exchange, meditation and healing are forms of practising spirituality and religious beliefs.


  1. Social support

Talk to other cancer patients and motivate each other, what better than to build a positive environment for everyone and lead to a faster rate for cure and healing. Group chanting, group prayers, energy exchanges have greater prowess and power and help in a speedy recovery from this dangerous disease.

Research reads those cancer patients who form groups in the hospital and recreate together survive together.

Having a role model who has survived dire situations and stood against all odds to be looked upon for motivation and inspiration.

Maintaining physical fitness by exercising regularly, eating healthy and meditating also helps in overcoming this deadly and dangerous disease. As exercising, helps in boosting blood circulation and fresh oxygen to the lungs helps in building up stamina and improve faster recovery and cure.

Keeping the head and mind strong shall help in keeping the morale high and maintaining a high self- esteem. This shall help in boosting self- confidence and boosting the inner self for fighting and surviving a tough trauma like cancer.

Humor does a lot of healing just as laughter is the best medicine for all kinds of stress, trauma, diseases and disorders.

Laugh it off! Good or bad just laugh it off! Because laughing it off gives the courage and strength to face even the toughest of the situations. As also smile and laughter gives the hope for positivity.

There should be clarity, meaning and purpose in whatever one does as that gives mental peace and satisfaction. This indirectly helps in boosting the morale and keeping the spirits high.

All of these help in keeping off depression, anger, fear and anxiety and keeping the inner self charged up with positivity.

Visiting the counsellor for seeking advice and getting clarity on behavior and thinking shall help in clearing thoughts and sorting off good from the bad.

Also being a student always by learning from the society and environment helps a lot in changing thoughts and decoding the behavior of an individual. Learning and seeking knowledge throughout the life shall help in gaining skills of handling situations in life.

Cancer is a disease which first of all is non- communicable and is solely based on genetics, heredity, family history, eating habits and lifestyle patterns. It also depends upon stress and trauma one deals with on a daily basis.

Medication and therapy is the only cure for this disease and most forms of cancer are curable nowadays despite of rare blood group. So, radiation and chemo- therapy should be taken positively for the cure as well as injectable medications on a timely basis.

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