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Signs and Symptoms to Detect Skin Cancer in Women

Symptoms and prevention tips which shall help in getting awareness about melanoma and how to troubleshoot this disease

Off late skin cancer has been detected and diagnosed in many people due to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and pollution caused in the environment. Cancer in any form is dangerous, let alone skin cancer.

Skin cancer erupts on the skin in the form of moles or freckles which people may think to be normal but may not be normal. There are many signs and symptoms enlisted in which this mole or freckle erupts on the skin.

The shape of the mole or freckle

Normal moles or freckles are round or oval shaped. Suspicion rises when the mole, freckle or molecular growth on the skin is shaped unevenly, asymmetrical, or lopsided in shape.

Lining or border of the mole or freckle

A normal mole or freckle has smooth edges and lining. But a cancerous mole or freckle shall have uneven or jagged lining with irregular edges.

Shade or pigment of the mole

The colour, shade or pigment of the mole or freckle also matters in detecting malignancy or cancer in the body.

If the colour of the mole or freckle is in two colours or appears to be shaded in two colours, then the particular molecular growth is malignant or cancerous in nature.

Measurement and size of the mole or freckle

Normal moles or freckles range between a diameter of 4mm to 6mm or even lesser.

Any mole or freckle measuring larger than a diameter of 6mm is malignant or cancerous.

Growth or evolution of the mole or freckle

Normal moles, birth marks or freckles stay constant and do not change over time. Malignant or cancerous moles or freckles grow or spread over the skin. They even change sizes over time to cause major damage to the skin and body.

Ways to prevent skin cancer

  1. Sunscreen lotions– Not all sunscreen lotions are good or effective in preventing the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunscreen lotions having a high content of zinc and titanium are highly beneficial for the skin and help in protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and hence preventing skin cancer in the body.
  1. Exposure to the sun- sun rays are strongest between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and hence most of the harm occurs to the skin between this time-frame itself. The skin is most exposed to the sun between the ages of 19 to 40, the time spent mostly outdoors while working or doing other chores.
  1. Regular doctor consultation- A regular doctor consult leads to early detection and cure of the disease and prevents it from spreading further into the skin and the body.
  1. Early detection- Do not take the signs of the mole or freckle for granted and rush for immediate cure and surgery. As delay may cause more complications in the body and curing of the disease.
  1. Make glares a compulsion- Wear and flaunt your glares in the sun and make it a compulsion such that the sensitive skin around the eyes stay protected and are prevented from damage.
  1. Wear a mask- Mask the face using cloth scarves or even wear a helmet while travelling outside using a two-wheeler or bus or a local train while commuting.

These are the symptoms and prevention tips enlisted above which shall help in getting awareness about melanoma and how to troubleshoot this disease.

The three major types of skin cancer are:

  1. Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
  2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
  3. Melanoma

Which may occur if prior care and prevention are not taken.

Also, some other rare forms of skin cancer are:

  • Merkel Cell Carcinoma
  • Atypical fibroxanthoma
  • Cutaneous lymphoma and
  • Dermatofibroma

Hence, ignoring a mole or molecular growth in the body might lead to facing of one of such type of skin cancer and lead to radiation and chemotherapy for the cure.

Some of the certified skin cancer curing centres in India are:

  • Cancer Healer Center
  • Skin City, India
  • Cancer care foundation of India
  • Galaxy care hospital
  • Rasayu cancer clinic
  • Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital
  • Expert cancer homoeopathy clinic
  • Ruby Hall Clinic
  • Columbia Asia Hospital and
  • Integrated cancer treatment and foundation centre of India

Happy Healing!

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