How to avoid dust allergies?

This problem complicates many people’s lives and these tips could help you to have your allergy under control.

If you are allergic to dust or dust mites, you may have experienced irritated skin or problems with breathing in your past. Having asthma or other dust allergies is no fun and usually, you have to think a lot before buying some extra blankets or pillows because you know its material could be a great environment for your little enemies.

If you are looking for some advice regarding this unfortunate lifestyle, we are here for you. This topic is present in many people’s lives and it could help you to have your allergy under control.



Bad air can cause a lot of problems, even those not related to allergies. It can cause headaches and create mould on your walls, especially if you have troubles with humidity. It doesn’t matter if you live in a town centre or somewhere in a village, fresh air is a priority when it comes to your personal space.

The bedroom is the main room you always want to ventilate. You sleep and rest there so make sure it’s always ventilated. Open the windows every day for half an hour and let the air go through your flat or a house. Your lungs will be thankful.



It is a good idea to organise your time. If you live alone or with someone, choose a day in the week which would be good for cleaning. Maybe a weekend or in the middle of the week- it is up to you. Makeshifts – you clean one week, then another person cleans another. Start with your room: change the sheets and curtains and clean the floor. Always wear gloves and make tricks.

For example, don’t vacuum. Rather clean the floor with a wet old rag to not let the dust up in the air. To avoid the chemicals, you can simply mix vinegar with water to make a universal cleaning remedy.



A lot of people don’t clean their mattresses regularly and they make a huge mistake by leaving the main cause of breathing hard during the night. Mattresses are full of dust mites, your old skin cells and a perfect nest for the bacterias. When you lay down, don’t let all of these things irritate your lungs and make it worse.

Once in two weeks or at least once a month do this trick: put everything out of bed except the mattress. Take a bag of baking soda and slowly pour all over your mattress in every area. Leave it like that for at least one hour and then vacuum it up. Here baking soda work as a magnet for all the dirt and eliminates the odour.

You won’t feel any smell coming from the mattress and you will be safe from the mites irritating you in the good night sleep.



You don’t necessarily connect dust to mould but one thing can be quite a trigger for the other. Dust will form more in a space with big humidity levels and mould can also call for more mites: the mould mites. They are tiny white creatures which are visible to a human eye and look like salt grains when you look closely. They affect the air quality and as well as your immune system. They can trigger asthma attacks and cause skin irritations.

If you have mould, the chance of having mould mites is big and it is better to prevent this problem because once you have the mould mites, it is hard to get rid of them. People who experienced it learned it the hard way. Check the bathrooms, kitchen, and corners of rooms. If you have mould starting to form, you can clean it with a mix of vinegar and water. Be careful not to inhale it.



If you live in a flat in a relatively humid place, try to check some good air purifier which could be installed in your room or in your kids’ room. It would be good at least to draw some humidity out so you could breathe a more quality air. You can also try with some regular air cleaners or sprays. If you would use them more frequently, you could prevent some of the asthma attacks and feel freer to sleep at night.

For a less expensive outcome, try candles with essential oils like lavender or mint. They don’t have a big drying air effect but it could help you at least for a night or eliminate some odours.

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