Tips to Build Muscles Instead of Fat

Combining these tips with exercising will get you desired results.

To become a successful member of your gym, all you need to pay. But if you are also following an extra eating plan and need to lose weight, you are probably thinking how to prevent the problem in the start and to produce muscle mass instead of fat.

It is everyone’s dream to have a fast metabolism which burns more than it takes, but the reality is different. However, there are ways to improve your diet to the point of using only necessary for building up muscles. If combined with exercising, it can be a successful method of working out.



Instead of just exercising and complaining, you might consider taking food which is low in calories. When you eat too little and think you will burn it all during the workout, you are wrong. Your body will use extra savings of energy stored in muscles so you will still produce fat.

Try to eat food which is low in calories like fish, cooked vegetables, and raw fruits. Starving is not a good idea either. You will need energy so take as much as you can but from good sources.



Every personal trainer will tell you that exercising alone won’t make a visible progress if you don’t include there some more weight to lift and activate your muscles like that. Having an increased blood flow in muscles puts them to test and by every next weightlifting, they will heat up faster and build up their mass more.

By keeping this in mind, don’t just use easy weights. If you know that your body can lift more, do it. You have to challenge it in this field. Otherwise, it will be a slow process.


Doing an exercise for 4 hours a day won’t do much difference if it’s slow and repeatable. It is not a big challenge for your organism and you can produce fat during that workout more than in any other. So, what is the solution? Doing a hard and exhausting training.

Do some interval cardio or high-intensity workouts, which will spend your energy more but it will burn much more calories than in previous training.



Eating right before the workout is never a good idea because you could easily throw up, simple as that. But, eating 3 hours before the workout is one good method on how to burn before burning up. That being said, it means you will burn up calories even before the workout itself with some other work, such as cleaning or walking or doing your hobbies.

Also, you can include the snack and eat it shortly before the workout, to make sure you got an extra amount of energy and a dose of sugar.



After doing your workout, you need to eat a high protein meal to protect the muscles tissues as they rely completely on the next big intake. This will protect you from fatigue after and muscles’ shiver. It is very important to eat well after, as your body will count on a good meal and replacing energy levels. By eating protein, try to eat healthy by taking milk products, beef steaks or chicken meat.



Many people are desperate exactly in this area because they don’t understand why they keep getting fat despite a good workout. Well, the answer lies in calories. If one man does a perfect workout and after that takes enough food for three people – this could be a problem.

Reducing this intake could have a big impact on your whole routine. Furthermore, when your body is used on a high calories’ intake, metabolism won’t work any faster and will keep you in a magic circle.

To solve this, try eating a snack after the workout and don’t eat a big meal immediately. You will take some energy but calm down your body and your stomach with something to hold. If you don’t take anything at all, you will be more hungry than before and take much more calories than planned.

To include all the tips above, try making a schedule which will be valid every day, reminding you of small details before/ after working out. This will not only be handy but also will make a routine for you which you will follow later, make you well organized and annual. After some time, you will see the results if you keep on being persistent.

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