Pros and Cons of Conventional Diets

Plan and make our own strategy by taking some elements from one diet and contributing from another.

Having an extra weight always affects our self-esteem, no matter how hard we try.  It affects our fashion choices, controls our behaviour and keeps us away from making all of our plans true.  To lose it, we try a whole range of different diets which look promising on TV, but those same results are not completely visible in reality. So, what is the problem? They definitely have both advantages and disadvantages which are connected to nutritionism and medicine.  Understanding them more could help us focus on our own plan and make our own strategy which is taking some elements from one diet and contributing from another.



Avoiding hunger

If you’ve ever heard about some specific bonbons with a good taste which make your stomach full, they do work in that very area. Cheating your own stomach is a great way to skip a meal and rather take a healthy smoothie made with green vegetables. It could be an option for those who are always tempted to eat more and more.

There is a big range of these bombs, which taste good and make you fill your appetite for sweets. If you take them in a right amount, they could help you to lose weight in few months. Other than bonbons, this strategy also works with making healthy smoothies and drinks.


Good eating plans

Some diets are completely focused on nutritive levels of certain meals, which don’t necessarily include exercise. Choosing those meals which have a low quantity of calories but are rich in vitamins help a lot of people in losing their weight.

Moreover, if they combinate it with a good workout, that could be everything they need for a better look.


Workout schedules

Doing an exercise is not all that counts. Doing an exercise at the right time can be a missing link in many people’s lives. Conventional diets focused fully on exercising recommend doing your exercise after a good meal, usually in the afternoon hours or immediately after breakfast, in the morning.

Working out may not be as effective if done before a massive unhealthy meal, as the body could take everything from the meal and store it in the muscles because of a huge need for lost calories. That is why it is recommended to eat before burning up calories. After that, a smaller meal could also be an option.


Supporting healthy food

A good diet will never tell you to rather eat a hamburger than a tofu. It is simple as that, healthy food is healthy for a reason. Less fat, more fibres. Less sugar, more vitamins. If followed as scripted in their plans, you can stay healthy while losing weight getting everything necessary – even taste, if prepared with good knowledge.

Having enough fruits and vegetables is usually a good plan for staying healthy, even if that means to avoid some.


Lack of individuality

Every mass solution and a mainstream method tend to put people in categories: young, old, middle-aged, underweight, overweight, short, tall… However, these categories are not as nearly as close as they could be.

Every single person has their own eating style, their own health issues, their own exercising abilities, their own habits. If applied to everybody, a diet plan loses because not everybody can satisfy its goals.

Every individual has their own favourite sport- for a reason. Their muscle shape and bones’ quality respond to sports differently. Some people have a great stamina for long marathon runs, but they can’t perform a fast sprint run.  

It is also interesting how some people enjoy gymnastics a lot because their bones have a genetic advantage in being naturally flexible. On the other hand, some people rather choose ball sports or fighting techniques.  

When it comes to meals, there is even a theory that each blood type responds differently to certain food.  Furthermore, there are also diabetics, high blood pressure patients, thyroid conditions, fast metabolism conditions, allergic individuals.

When all things considered, it is the best to listen to own body and try to find own method between other methods.


Pressure to starve

Fasting can be a great method to detox your body and to lose an extra weight, but applying it too often can result in lack of necessary proteins and minerals. For instance, many people choose this method because it includes mostly drinks and small meals and needs a strong willpower which is not a problem to the motivated ones.

Secondly, this method is chosen throughout whole month and some bodies start to have problems during that long time. Not giving your body enough proteins, especially if you have a tendency of developing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) or you have a naturally low blood pressure, is a very bad idea.  

Without essential glucose necessary to survive, you can fall unconscious or into a coma if you practice fasting too much.

Another thing worth mentioning is taking too little minerals such as calcium and iron. To ensure your bones are healthy enough to exercise, you need to include calcium into your diet, which will give necessary energy also to teeth.

Iron is something we mustn’t forget, as it produces red blood cells with a combination of the B12 vitamin.


Forgetting about immune system

Some plans include healthy food and a good exercise but are not fully focused on the main protection of the body. Being an allergic individual who has problems with breathing in certain seasons or having a sensitive skin prone to rashes, it is tough when it comes to finding a right diet.

The body which is allergic has an immune system which reacts to a certain allergen or food by protecting itself in a specific way. Ignoring those signs and strictly following some plan can cause even bigger problems.

Meanwhile, you don’t even have to be allergic. Some food plans include healthy food, but not enough vitamins and minerals which ensure that you will have production of white blood cells and a protective skin. So, it is always good to take some supplements to be ready for challenges.

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