Are you experiencing unusual pain, tiredness, nausea, headache, fatigue? Detox your body, now!

With these simple healthy routine, you can release everything bad out of our body.

Many of us experience unusual pain, tiredness, nausea, headache, fatigue. Sometimes we have a clue where it comes from but sometimes it is too mysterious to know the cause. Stressful jobs and everyday duties put us in a different dimension where we look for something fast to eat, not thinking much about all the toxins that build up in our bodies.

Toxins can start many diseases or be the cause of something serious. They don’t even have to come from the food. They can be present in our cosmetic care, cleaning detergents or just simply – in the air. When an acidic level in our bodies is too big, our immune system responds in a protective way but sometimes not fast enough.

There are different methods and products that could help us, but with the simple healthy routine, we can release everything bad out of our body.

What can we do when it comes to detox? Detox would mean cleaning our organism of bad influences and built up toxins. They can come from a variety of everyday food or from a serious stress in our lives. If we pay attention to the main organs responsible for the filtration and detoxing our body, we may find the answer to becoming healthier.



If you live somewhere on the coast in the warm climate where watermelon grows locally, you are a winner in this game. If not, try to find some bio watermelons in the nearest grocery store. Watermelon is a great way to start detoxing your body through the main filtrating organs in your body – the kidneys.

Not only it is sweet and delicious, it will also refresh you with 92% of water which will result in emptying your bladder more times a day. Don’t complain if this would be too much for you. It will only be a sign that the detox is working. Your digestion system will work overtime to release all the bad built up ingredients from your body.

Watermelon will also hydrate you in the best way possible with vitamins A and C, making it a perfect mix for your skin and hair.



Another detoxing organ which responds to our list is liver. Used in many articles about health, it is hard to include all the benefits from this miracle of nature called garlic. It is one of those healthy but not so tasty things that we don’t put in our diet as much as we should. Garlic has a big inflammatory property being a weapon against cancer.

These strong arguments had been researched already, so be motivated enough to spice up your food with it or eat it raw to take all the necessary nutrients. Garlic protects liver cells and prevents fat to build up, releasing it out and fights against other toxic agents.



Using fasting as a method in religion or just in meditation can be a healthy way to get rid of some toxins. This sort of method is welcome if you have a strong will power and if you are ready for such a task. If this sounds interesting to you and you know you can detox through fasting, you should know some rules.

Fasting is not starving yourself up to the point to be sick – as some stereotypes say. Fasting to detox includes making different types of juices to allow all the harmful substances to leave your body through the liquid. This is a very effective way to detox yourself while avoiding fat and sugar at the same time.

Of course, not every juice will have the detoxing effect.  Try to avoid citrus fruits. Instead, pick spinach, celery, kale, cranberry, and carrots. You can mix them together or improvise with your favourite. You can also try with pineapple and apples.

However, be careful with fasting. If your weight is under recommended BMI, this may not be a method for you. You need more calories and energy than fasting allows so try eating caloric but effective food.



This detox method is quite popular in alternative medicine, but it doesn’t have enough proof that it is actually working. There are many footpads available to buy for this method, where they work as a “magnet” for all the bad toxins in your body and release them into the water which changes colour. The colour can actually change due to the water impurity, which is not news if tap water is used.

On the other hand, the ionic method is widely used which means simply putting your feet in warm water with sea salt. Salt can give you a relaxing effect and help your skin so you can really use this to improve your condition.

While it won’t work immediately during the first use, try to repeat it for a couple of times a month. If you exercise or stand during your job, this will be a big plus to relax your muscles during the process.

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