Are You Following? Weight Loss Procedures Using Simple Diet Tips

Easy to follow weight loss tips

Obesity has been a problem in this fast-paced lifestyle. Hence, people try various diets, medicines, pills or even surgeries. But all these artificial help is short lived and the body might gain back the kilos in the long run and give temporary results only.

The first tip is to not cut short on the portion of food and eat to the heart’s content and not starve. Most people think that starving or cutting down portions of food shall help them lose fat faster. The answer is, yes it does decrease the fat, but does not improve metabolism, in fact, may damage the Gastrointestinal tract and indirectly affect the body immunity in the long run. This also may make the body very weak and limp and affect body activity.



Stocking up every fruit available during the season may help to overcome chocolate cravings in the afternoons for working professionals. This not only helps in fulfilling the extensive hunger pangs but also helps in not gaining extra kilos due to oily or buttery food. This also has proven to curb cravings for junk food like pizza or burgers.



The next tip is to have a tumbler full of chocolate shake added with warm water and not milk to shed off some extra pounds and also fulfil hunger pangs during the day.



The next pro tip is to drink three litres of water daily with lemons added to it as lemons help in detoxification of the liver and fat metabolism. Lemons have proven to boost up body metabolism by approximately 33 percent and helps in burning approximate 100 calories on a daily basis.



As the old school saying goes that anything of excess is bad, similarly excess of food or overeating is bad as well. Hence, the idea is to eat as much the stomach allows and take the limit of servings which the stomach will allow and is willing to digest. Because excess food can harm the body in two ways:

  1. Harm the Gastrointestinal tract
  2. Gain extra pounds and fat



Brushing after dinner or before going to bed has two benefits:

  1. Healthy teeth
  2. Curbing the craving for dessert after dinner, hence cutting out calories developed out of sweets and confectionery.



The idea is to take a before the regime photo with a selfie front camera, which shall be a potential encouragement and booster for taking up the diet challenge and feel awesome after receiving the result of losing or burning the required calories.

Having an after phase photoshoot is equally important as to flaunt the body and motivate others to lose their calories as well.

Calories in the format of Liquid or Beverages are a strict No!

While performing the diet regime, one should try and avoid all kinds of synthetic and artificial drinks such as juices, tonic water or lemonades and alcoholic beverages as they contain preservatives and can only help in adding to the calories.

Keep skin-fit or skin-tight jeans on the hit list of the wardrobe.

This also boosts up the confidence to flaunt the body and make the conscience conscious of the calorie intake and to watch what to eat and what to avoid while performing the diet regime.



The idea is to keep a bottle of water with cucumbers and drink it throughout the day. It makes the body feel cool and hydrated.

The next step is to store or discard the leftovers of the meal in an airtight container and store it in the fridge.

The next pro tip is to get adequate sleep of eight hours. Also getting sound sleep is important such that the body functions appropriately.


Some of the snacking hacks can be-

If craving for wafers, then grabbing some boiled veggies; chocolate cravings can be replaced with curd or yoghurt.

This is very important to keep in mind and remember that a particular body shall be different from the other in terms of demography, heredity, lifestyle habits and many more such factors. So, one should concentrate on their body and honour it.

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