Supplements to Take During Puberty

Understand the value of certain foods and avoid bad supplements which could do some unnecessary drawbacks.

Puberty is a sensitive period, both for boys and girls. Hormones can go wild, insecurity can easily grow and self-esteem could have lower levels. Any kind of motivation is needed then, not only to feel better about own body but to improve skills and knowledge. The need for acceptance gets suddenly bigger and first dreams of possible career paths take place.


When it comes to personal health, apart from hygiene, it is important to understand the value of certain food. On the other hand, it is also essential to avoid bad supplements which could do some unnecessary drawbacks.

Knowledge of vitamins and minerals suddenly become clear in that age. Through education or through a quality spent time, it is never late to research more about health.



Physical growth, exercise or first stress – they all take part in losing calories. Losing more than gaining can have a big impact on personal health, in a negative way. It is important to focus on teenagers’ calories intake.

Eating disorders are present among us more than we think, and that serious problem still take away lives. Generally known, recommended consumption of calories for teenage girls is about 2,200 per day while for boys is up to 2,800.

If an individual doesn’t have some special restrictions coming from their doctor, they should take needed calories on a daily basis to ensure a healthy body development.



During the puberty, all the bones in the body need calcium for growing and developing a healthy mass. Teeth could suffer if calcium levels are low, including also some muscles.

To take enough calcium, dairy products should be consumed immediately during the breakfast, making the first meal the most important one. Milk or yogurt with some cereals and fruit could be a good way to start a day.

If someone is lactose intolerant, it is also recommended to take calcium in tablets or capsules. This mineral is too important to avoid it and its recommended daily intake is around 700 mg.



To make sure about getting a healthy blood flow and production of red blood cells, it is more than necessary to include a higher dose of iron into a teenager’s diet. It means eating more green vegetables, increasing intake of fish and eating also enough meat.

Iron will also help with hormonal balance, especially in girls. With the first period and monthly blood loss, regaining it again goes mainly through food.


Vitamins B6, B12, E and C

During puberty, every vitamin is important. However, there are four which could be a key to a healthy nutritional state. B6 and B6 vitamins are needed in about 60 mg daily, producing red blood cells in combination with iron.

Vitamin E (600 mg) ensures a healthy skin development while C  in the highest dose (1,200 mg) protects the organism from outside harmful factors.



With previously mentioned food disorders, it is important to mention fat as one of the main supplements in teenagers’ diet. Furthermore, fats are the ones that build a healthy cholesterol, responsible for the entire cardiovascular system. A healthy level of fat protects the heart, lungs, and liver, giving energy to the body.

With first excessive exercise, intake of fats should be more than common in both boys and girls. That said, to make a body image inside impossible beauty standards projected by the media, a lot of girls avoid healthy fats, making a risk of heart disorders at such a young age.

Fats are responsible for a protective lining of all the organs, they are straight connected to the production of vitamins and reduce the inflammation processes.


Putting health first

Whatever a teenager decides for his education or a future career, it is important to understand the fundamental needs of a human body to grow and reproduce. Through their education, they will be introduced to all the benefits of necessary supplements, but they have to start to take them on time.

For preventing the first health obstacles, supplements are taken daily to ensure a healthy diet, behaviour and psychological growth as well.

With all the possible today’s disorders which can happen to anyone, establishing a healthy relationship with own self is more than a priority. Career goals can be taken seriously after achieving a necessary health status.

During puberty, individuals go through a lot of questioning, personal life tests, and temptation. Avoiding drugs and alcohol is a step which could mean a better future life instantly if a person is well aware of its true risks. That way, and with maintaining own health progress can result in a good grown-up adult.

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