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Healthy Snacks for a Stressful Job

tips which could help you by choosing your favourite snacks during stressful hours.

Working in a stressful background and keeping up the good work is not easy if you constantly remind yourself of unhealthy food that you fuel yourself with. The digestive system can really suffer if untreated with all the necessary ingredients.

While working, it is important to keep up with the deadlines, speed and most of all – time. It is one essential element that keeps you focused for most of the time. Checking the clock all the time may result in a bigger motivation and doing a faster work, especially if time is almost done in the office and you can finally go outside.

While not everyone has the same job, during the stress we may have more in common with the others more than we think. We need energy. To keep us full, concentrated and annual.

If you don’t know what to begin with, here are some tips which could help you by choosing your favourite snacks during stressful hours. And no, they don’t mean getting food with a coin in the machine. They mean healthy choices.



While working behind a desk or somewhere actively outside, many people don’t have the access to a refrigerator. Most of our tips don’t need one, as they are good as dry. They are full of vitamins and minerals, exactly what you need to do your work as best as possible.

When it comes to nuts, the best would be mixing almonds, and hazelnuts together as they work as a good bomb to boost your energy. Try also adding some cereals and put it all together in a small bowl. Easy to access, not messy and it will keep you in a good shape.



Seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seeds are good to store in a pocket in a small paper bag. That way they are in reach and ready to fulfil you with a small dose of energy when it becomes difficult in solving some stressful tasks.

While eating, you can take also some yoghurt or a healthy smoothie made at home. These two options together may also replace a meal if you are considering losing some extra weight.



For those who like a combination of salty and sweet foods, this is quite an option. Filled with a healthy natural sugar fructose, it can be taken simply with water, because it contains really all you need for a healthy snack.

Fruit will definitely give you some energy, while crackers will fill you with proteins. To those who rather enjoy a sweet taste itself, try eating only dried fruit with a small chocolate bar.



While this sounds funny, it is actually a good idea. Don’t worry, it doesn’t include frying pans and a stove. This is a simple recipe for all those who want to have a tasty, but a small meal that reminds them of rich breakfasts available in hotels.

Some dried toast bread and a nut butter are all you need. Make small cookies by attaching one toast with another using butter. These small sandwiches could really replace an unhealthy breakfast at home and make you full at work.



Not only available during a movie, popcorn is a fast and good option as the corn gives you a small fat dose, proteins, and a good taste. You may feel full quickly after a small bowl which could reduce a big intake during the lunch break.

Make sure to close them well in a paper bag or in a vacuumed plastic bag. Try to avoid sweetened versions and stick to the salty ones. If you really want some flavour, add some cinnamon. It will give them a nice aroma and could increase your appetite for them.



Yet, having a refrigerator is always useful, as you can experiment more with your meals and choose between a bigger range of products. That way you can use some old recipe which is just adding some salty cereals into a regular yoghurt.

Keeping it cold for a few hours will keep it fresh and at the end, you will still get a needed energy. Always use salty cereals and yoghurt with a middle level of milk fat.


Digestion is something we can forget during work, but it has to be active and healthy while we are preparing for real work challenges. Don’t be without a snack between breaks. Having a healthy blood pressure and a healthy blood glucose level is the most important when you need concentration and ability to focus well on your tasks.

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