The Pros and Cons of Fasting in Women

Just like every coin has two sides, Fasting also has its advantages and disadvantages which affect the health of women.

The good and bad effects of fasting have thus created a controversy with regard to weight loss and health in women recently.

Because some fast for religious beliefs whereas some do it to just for shedding some excess pounds for faster results.

It is hence important to know that fasting gives short-term results and not long-term gains. This makes the body susceptible to dehydration and gastrointestinal disorders which indirectly shall ruin the mind and the gut.

The other side of the debate is that fasting actually cleanses or detoxes the gut and does not have any negative repercussions on the body in the long run.


It has been found that women of different age groups have different fasting habits or techniques according to their comfort levels.

Fasting habits also vary from religion to religion. Like for instance Hindu ladies fast for nine days during Navratri and break their fast on the tenth day after the goddess have been taken for immersion.

It is important to know that fasting through the usage of laxatives and fasting by eliminating all kinds of fluids also cause damage to the body in the long run.

Fasting is found to be common for a duration of 24 hours, which implies that the body has no supply of new calories, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals for the particular duration.

Technically, the fasting process commences when the body begins to exhaust carbohydrate resources in the form of fats and starts to use them up for the functionality of the body.

But, after the fat stores get exhausted or used up, the body shall target the muscles in the body for protein needs, and at this juncture of time, the body is practically found to be hungry or starving, marking the end of a fast.

Pros of Fasting

The first benefit from fasting is that the body shall burn body fat and exhaust stores of carbohydrates and help in eliminating calories and excessive pounds from the body.

Hence improving body aesthetics and making the body slimmer and giving an athletic physical appearance with a trimmed and light body.

Also, losing out on inches from the belly and thighs, as a majority of the fat deposits are found in these parts of the female body.

The next benefit is that fasting allows the body to cleanse itself and detoxify the system by eliminating calories, fat, excess pounds and carbohydrates.

Also helps in cleansing the body from environmental chemicals absorbed in the body in the form of sweat or urine.

As a result of the fasting process, the body is suggested to feel more energetic and active as there remains no load on the digestive system for processing food, which actually consumes a high amount of energy for performing the process of digestion.

The energy in the body can then be channelized to speed up metabolism and improvise body immunity. As also helping in healing and repairing wounds at a faster rate.

Fasting has also been proved for increasing chances of autolysis by disabling the growth of malignancies or tumours due to unsupportive and unavailability of body resources.

Cons Of Fasting

Moving to the disadvantages or cons of fasting, it may also result in the body to store or conserve the energy and not exhaust or use it at all.

This might mean that whenever there is an intake of food after fasting, the food may not get absorbed in the appropriate manner and the result of it shall be of the same weight before fasting and the cleansing or detoxification shall be only short-lived.

This fluctuation in body weight turns out to be very unhealthy for the heart.

With lack of resources in the body, the amino acids shall get exhausted for wear and tear in the body. And if the amino acids are unavailable at the certain point, there might be chances of the wear and tear not getting repaired at all.

There are also chances that blood pressure levels may lower down or drop down leading to dizziness and fainting, which again is very unhealthy for the functioning of the body.

Fasting might as well deplete all the electrons present in the body and not replace them at all.

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