Top 5 blockchain health startups to watch in 2018

5 blockchain based startups that will actually transform the healthcare industry

It has almost been a decade since Blockchain technology has come into existence and it is today considered to be the best existent solution for digital assets. This technology is extremely effective and the corporates are trying to introduce this in the healthcare industry.

If you are interested to get details about the 5 blockchains based startups that will actually transform the healthcare industry then you can go through the discussion below-

  • Pokitdok

This is a California based API developer that has actually helped the different healthcare verticals. These verticals include pharmacy and claims. This technology also helps in proper identity management. Initially, this technology was called Dokchain. This dockchain is a network of the transaction processors who operates both clinical as well as financial data across the entire healthcare industry. This is the network that actually provides security to all the patient data starting from pharmacies to the medical devices. Pokitdok conducted a demo in the month of September 2016 where he showed everyone how dockchain helps in successfully handling the insurance claim.

  • Patientory

This is a HIPAA compliant blockchain that was originally based in Atlanta. This technology helps in EMR interoperability and also helps in enhancing the protocols required in cybersecurity. The company was launched in the year 2015 and there is a plan to launch an app for the patients very soon.

There is a digital currency called PTOY given to the patient and this allows users to get an access to the platform that is used to store important healthcare information. The patient will be the intermediary here and all the healthcare institutions will have an access to the patient data across the healthcare industry. This will help in adding important information related to the patients. This data again would be visible to everyone who is given an access to the healthcare data.

  • Gem

Gem is a company that is focused mainly on the blockchain technology that was launched by Gem Health in the month of April. This was launched in order to promote the collaboration with Philips in the different healthcare spaces. This company also has plans to develop certain private Ethereum blockchain. This will help in developing the various enterprise healthcare applications.

The company as of now is only tackling the various health claims. The system that is currently followed to handle claims is quite time-consuming. But the new platform developed by GEM called the GMOS will allow the patients, providers as well as the insurers to view the patient history in details.

  • Health Combix

Health Combix is a blockchain based technology that is incentivized. It is also a community care coordination program. This can actually be licensed by managed care organizations and ACOs as per the patient subscriptions. This is a platform that actually supports certain community-based care along with the health challenges of patients. While doing this it also leverages social networking, cryptocurrency rewards, behavioural economics, and telehealth. 

  • Guard time

Gaurd time is an Estonia based technology firm and is the largest producer of the blockchain based security systems. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, California, Estonia, Singapore and also the United Kingdom. This company operates in a number of services that are based on chain technology. They use a keyless signature infrastructure that helps in providing very large scale authentication of data. It does not use Bitcoin or Ethereum protocols. It is believed that this will definitely bring about a lot of improvement in the medical industry.



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