Where to Travel to Relax Mind and Body?

Real trips can be right there where you live.

Travels are expensive, we get it. When you look at all of those people on the social media visiting the country after a country, you wonder what you can do. Spa centres and exotic destinations are not affordable to many of us. Usually, we don’t even have time, but sometimes weekends are there to use this opportunity which doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Travelling anywhere can be a mistake if you want some rest. To charge your batteries, you need to relax both your mind and your body. If you end up in a city full of traffic on a visit to someone, you might get stress and not a vacation. To take a trip somewhere and spend a quality time at the same time, you need to understand how a background can really change how you feel.

From colours to weather, everything affects our mood and behaviour. Psychologists wrote about this many times, how a surrounding has a big impact on our body and spirit. If you think more about it, it’s common sense to see that we don’t feel the same in the hospital and somewhere in the countryside. We need a natural drug, a motivation to discover more.

If we are somewhere where dominate warm colours, we may feel happier. On the other hand, cold colours also can positively affect us, by calming us down. However, warm colours are mostly what we look for when we travel.


National parks

Do you know your place well enough? Because of work and stress, we may forget natural miracles that surround our city. They can really change us, give us some energy during the weekend for an upcoming week. National parks are free in some countries, in some you have to pay for the entrance, but it pays off.

Your lungs will be clear with some mountain air, you will be able to walk by the river or go jogging with your dog. Forget your computer and tv, at least for a couple of hours. You will feel like a new person. Natural colours calm us down, they affect our behaviour on a deeper subconscious level. Your body will be thankful for a little exercise, and your mind will clear out all the built-up stress.



Do you live on the coast or nearby? You don’t know how lucky you are! People save money half of year to take a vacation somewhere nearby sea, even if it’s not during summer. A walk on the beach is sometimes all you need. Blue sea which mixes with sky colours on the horizon can really relax you along with the sound of splashing waves. You can also meditate on the sand, give yourself a try!


Just parks!

City parks can be quite an option for all of us who live a hectic fast lifestyle and don’t have time to rest. If you’re visiting a foreign city, you can be busy by exploring city monuments, history or inside attractions. Well, sometimes all the fun may be outside in a city park. You won’t regret visiting a park somewhere. It can be a green oasis for your body and mind.

Take a run, bring some food and sit by the lake or on a bench. Those couple of hours can mean a lot if you are passive during the rest of the week. You can also try bringing some old bread and feed the pigeons or swans there. Spending time with animals affect your mind more than you think.


Your own balcony

Yes, you’ve read it right. This can be such a therapy if you know how and when to spend your time there. I heard once that if everyone watched stars during 30 minutes during the night, this world would be a better place.

It sounds idealistic but could be true. Watching a night sky puts you in a reflective state. You start to think about you as a human being, about our little planet, about the Sun and about all the main philosophical questions about life. After that, you may also get a better night sleep. There are dates you can find online to track meteor showers during the year and make some wishes.

Don’t underestimate the night sky. Watching it every night can be a wonderful habit of your mind.


Doing adrenaline sports

Skiing – Winter doesn’t have to be boring and cold all the time. It can be perfect for skiing with your friends. At the same time, you will have fun, exercise, and more experience.

Bungee jumping – Not for everyone, but can be a trigger for releasing all of your stress. If you’ve always had a wish to do this, encourage yourself and go. You will have a blast.

Swimming – Paying an hour of swimming in a sports hall could be all you need for a real spa day. Take your towel, bring some healthy food and try swimming and diving. Swimming is one of the best sports for the body because it affects all the muscles in our body and thinks about the bones too. If you dive during that time, you also train your lungs.

Rafting – Going rafting with a group of friends is a great experience for most people. Rivers are fun battlefields for this activity and it is maybe everything you will ever want during a free time because it is quite addictive. It triggers your motivation and you feel more competitive.

See? Travelling doesn’t always have to involve aeroplanes and unaffordable trips to an unknown country. Real trips can be right there where you live. Remember, those who find a way don’t have to look for excuses.

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