Energy Drinks Made at Home

While we need the whole package sometimes to solve our tasks, there may be another option good for our pocket and most of all – health

Many of us are eager enough to look better and to feel better when the new year starts. Dreams seem closer, flu seasons remind us that we have to take care of the viruses, and we are more than ever motivational to exercise. But what do we do when we need to put several days of exercise into one because free time seems so untouchable? Energy drinks are the first answer, giving us sugar, caffeine, and mood to continue.

While we need the whole package sometimes to solve our tasks, there may be another option good for our pocket and most of all – health. Buying some fresh fruits or vegetables can be great to mix it into a vitamin bomb and to give us something more important than a bad sugar.



This may sound obvious, but good blender is something you buy once, but it serves you for a longer time in this field. There is no way to make a mistake if you will pay an extra more money to get a good quality. A good blender or a juice maker is the one that takes the whole juice out of the raw content and gives you the entire liquid necessary to get the best ingredients.

So, investigate the market a little bit and see what best suits you and your need. If you exercise every day or go to the gym regularly, you may need a bigger quality out of available ones.

However, if you need it only sometimes in “crisis“ situations, you will make a smart move also with a small one which could save you money.



Whether you need a shot of energy in the morning or the evening, there are some rules to follow to get the best ingredients. To get that essential energy, always keep lemons around. There is never enough lemon, even if you drink it only during the flu or you put it daily in your tea.

One good recipe is to mix it with some yogurt and red berries. This is a drink containing essential protein and healthy bacterias from yogurt which will be very good for your digestion system.

It is possible to burn more calories that way and still enjoy a good taste.



It is necessary to have a lot of proteins during a workout. If you’re looking for a tasty but effective energy drink, try with chocolate, but add there one egg. Proteins from both milk and that egg make a good combination for a good drink full of energy.

Best thing is – you can also take it instead of a meal if you want to lose some extra weight. And it doesn’t have to have any extra sugar.



When you exercise or you are very much under stress, think about the quantity of salt you lose, especially while sweating. While there is widely known that salt could be bad, it is a fact that we basically need iodine from salt to survive and to give our thyroid a necessary ingredient to produce balanced hormones. Iodine drinks usually contain a pinch of salt with lemon or lime.

Mix some lemon or lime juice with coconut water. Add salt in the end and leave it for some time. You can also carry it with yourself during running and not worry about missing electrolytes.



You may be worried that next time you will go exercising you may go out of breath. There are some tricks to avoid it. How about making some tasty milkshakes? Mixing a banana with milk, chocolate, and some sugar is like an ice cream when you take it out of the fridge.

That kind of a tasty recipe is perfect to go jogging or lifting weights.


To avoid bad sugar from canned energy drinks from a store, try drinking teas like green tea or passion tea with extra caffeine when you need it the most. They can be taken right before a workout, for a good shot to stay awake. Try not to add sugar and that way you can drink it all day long.



Adding some extra secret to make your energy drink strong is not a bad idea. However, make sure you are avoiding bad sugars.

For instance, rather choose some natural sweetener like honey or cane sugar. Some additional ingredients you may include in drinks are caffeine tablet, spinach, whey and artificial proteins. Take them proportionally for your body mass and always take enough fluid.

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