How to tell if an individual is a workaholic

These are some ways to tell if an individual is a workaholic or not.

Being workaholic in this busy and fast lifestyle is now being termed as normal Workaholic makes a person or an individual, oriented more towards work and less of rest. At social gatherings or meeting with friends, a workaholic individual tends to speak of work itself.

There are some ways to tell if an individual is a workaholic or not. Some of these are listed below-

1. Punctuality at its best

When an individual is workaholic it is noted that he or she is the first one to reach the office and the last one to leave from the premise after work. One might think to reach office early with an intention to mark their attendances early or finish most of their work early in a quieter environment.

The other aspect is of leaving office late or last of all. This is actually not important or compulsory for all organizations until and unless it is a month ending or quarter ending or a fiscal year-end.

Research reads that the human resources of any organization do not encourage such practices which either tell any male or female employee to reach home late after their work hours. But workaholic people tend to work overtime with an intention to plan future goals or projects.

2. Skipping lunches or lunch hour

This is something which has become common lately due to work pressure as well as client meets near or around the lunch hour.

But, people here do not realize that skipping lunches or meals during work is dangerous and unhealthy and skipping meals, in the long run, becomes a habit even when there is no workload. This leads to weight gain in people and invites diseases and disorders into their bodies.

Research reads hat most office premises have canteens and pantries and let people concentrate on their lunches or meals during work.

3. Loss of leisure practices or hobbies

This is yet one more of a symptom stating that workaholic people do not have or give time to leisure or hobbies and keep thinking about work all the time.

This actually creates monotony and stress in the mind and the body in the long run. Hence, it is necessary to contribute time to hobbies as well as leisure.

Research reads that nowadays a certain and handful of organizations are providing their employees with free membership in gyms or clubs wherein people can practice leisure and other hobbies.

4. The reverse stigma: Stressed when not at work

Workaholic people are addicted to work. And hence, they might get stressed when not at work. They shall give importance to work above all and become stressed when not at work and think about work all the time.

The focus is on work every time and not on anything else and hence the stress is what follows suit.

5. Striving hard for work satisfaction

Becoming a perfectionist or achieving perfection in all that one does is the sign of a workaholic person.

Every work has to be perfect including the goals and the targets, but a workaholic gets devastated or unsatisfied when things don’t get done its way. And this creates dissatisfaction in them which further leads to disturbing the satisfaction of superiors or subordinates regarding work and targets.

6. Personal priorities at a backseat

Personal priorities take a backseat when it comes to working and being a workaholic in particular. Work consumes most of the time and the mind that there actually exists no time for personal priorities or for personal work or life.  

Personal life is as important as work, but for a workaholic, it is the work that seems rosier than anything else in the world.

7. Holidays or vacations

Even if a workaholic is on a vacation or a holiday, they shall carry their work along with them and start working even during a holiday regardless of the fact that holidays or vacations are meant for leisure and not for work.

This is yet one more symptom of a workaholic.

8. Mind stays at work even in the physical absence

Even while physically absent in work, the mind of a workaholic is stuck at work and is not at leisure, hobby, holiday or a vacation. The mind is fully consumed with work and work priorities.

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