11 Ways to Detect Whether Your Relationship is a Rebound or True Love

Some relationships can only be rebound and may not be long-lasting in the future.

True love, as they say, is very rare and difficult to find in this materialistic world. All love relations may not be unconditional or true, some may also be materialistic, desire oriented and seek only physical and materialistic pleasures.

Hence, there are some ways to detect whether a particular love relation is true or rebound. Some of these ways are:


In a rebound, it is all about having sex and no emotional attachment at all. Partners start using each other only for a physical relationship and not a mental or emotional attachment. Partners may be very self-centred or selfish with regard to sex.


An inner gut feeling indicating that partners are using each other for distracting the pain from an earlier relationship and just passing away the time is a sign of being in a rebound relationship.

In a true relationship, it is not using each other but supporting each other emotionally and comforting each other in distress or bad times. Being the comforting pillow for each other is actually a sign of a true and lasting relationship.



The level of attraction to a new partner and the fear of being lonely again derives the fact that it is a rebound and not true love.

True love has immense levels of attraction among each other and partners notice each other rather than the rest of the world.



When in a relationship, one constantly thinks about himself or herself and does not think about the partner, indicates that it is a rebound and not a true relationship.

Constant mockery of the partner’s dressing sense, and having a superiority complex can indicate that it is a rebound and not true love.



If one finds that there is a constant comparison by the partner with his/ her ex then it is an alarming fact that the relationship is a rebound and not a true or genuine relationship.

In a true or genuine relationship, partners do not compare their present with their exes and accept them as they are, that is with their flaws and faults.



An impulsive behaviour showing attractions at times or running away from them at times and giving excuses for doing so is a signature step of being impulsive in nature. Impulsive nature brings in when the ex has not been forgotten or has left the mind completely. These are signs of a rebound relationship.



In a rebound relationship, the partner which has recovered from an existing relationship has issues in committing to a new partner. When asked for commitment excuses are given and no proper answer is given. This can also be a major sign of a rebound relationship.



Demands of finances or needs are some of the materialistic instincts which a partner has or shows specifically in a rebound relationship. While in a true or rebound relationship materialistic instincts are diminished and do not overpower love.



In a rebound relationship, a partner may not possibly disclose the earlier relationships or be honest about him/ herself. Everything should be hidden and not disclosed is the policy of a rebound relationship.



In a rebound relationship, partners may be taken for granted and not even respected for their efforts. Whereas in a true or genuine relationship gives respect and regards for every effort taken.



Partners who have just been from an existing relationship tend to show up their irritation and dislike in public making the other embarrassed or disgraced in front of others.

Hence, showing off ego and attitude and having a false pride in themselves.

It hence becomes necessary that a particular person before entering into a fresh relationship comes totally out of the existing relationship and its grievances to avoid short termed and rebound relationships.

But today, rebound relationships have become common and almost out of every 5 relationships 4 are rebound and 1 can be true or genuine, as per research. Everyone can fake and show love, but a few and handful of people can actually commit and make it up to marriage or wedding.

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